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Lebanon needs your help!

In a few words

What’s happening?

On August 4th, an explosion shook the heart of Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, claiming hundreds of lives, wounding more than 4,000, leaving 300,000 people without homes, and causing significant damage. This tragedy comes at the heels of a pandemic and local economic crisis, resulting in a humanitarian emergency for the country. 


Who are we?

Leaders of Change is a Not for Profit Australian Charity with associations in the global Lebanese community. Leaders of Change wants to extend support to Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) working on the ground in Lebanon and be a gateway for the people of Australia and the world to show their support and solidarity for the Lebanese during these difficult times.


Leaders of Change has partnered with business and industry groups and aims to raise money to deliver directly to Non-Government organisations. 

Donations greater than $2 are tax-deductible


Who are the NGOs we are supporting?

We are raising money for NGOs offering food, shelter, medical assistance and rebuilding: Click below to learn more.

All NGOs have agreed to receive donations from Leaders of Change, Rise Lebanon Campaign and are promoting the campaign on their respective platforms. 

Please Note: 
Rise Lebanon is led by Leaders of Change in conjunction with its Partners combining efforts to support Lebanon.

We do not officially represent the above NGOs. However, they have all been made aware of this campaign and have agreed to receive donations. They are all vetted and verified as Australian Government requirements.

Thank you for your generous contribution!

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