When you become a Lion, you become part of a global network of volunteers working together to make a difference. There is one constant: service: giving your time and energy to others in a fantastic way to help your community.
In Lebanon, after the 4th of August explosion, Akkar Green Land Lions club supports the “back home campaign” set as an emergency plan of our Governor of District 351 Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.

The campaign aims to help a large number of people having safe shelter before winter season: the works began in fixing their doors and windows. It also aims to help to provide basic decent necessities for survival as food, clothes, medical supplies, furniture, electrical equipment, especially when Lebanon is going through a crucial economic crisis.

The district 351 Lebanon, Jordan & Palestine created an emergency committee to raise funds in order to assist people affected from August 4th Explosion. The services include distributing food to affected families, assessing damages to structures, documenting conditions of destroyed houses, along with executing the needs at the field.

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