Lebanese Food Bank

Lebanese Food Bank A non-profit organization (# 1596) established by a group of Lebanese businessmen to eliminate hunger in all Lebanon by establishing partnerships and cooperation with all those who are concerned.  Rise Lebanon Food Relief Program Facebook Page

Antonine Sisters

DONATE NOW As a result of the recent explosion in Beirut, many families have been left homeless and in need of emergency shelter and food. The Antonine Sisters Order has opened many of its schools and convents to families who need urgent shelter and food. List of schools and convents offering emergency shelter and food:St …

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Red Cross Lebanon

On-ground medical emergency services DONATE NOW Immediate response and mobilization of Teams due to Beirut Port Explosion Upon the unprecedented explosion that occurred in the Beirut port on August 4, according to official and unofficial authorities, reports indicate that the explosion resulted:– More than 150 people lost their lives, more than 6000 were injured and …

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Caritas Lebanon

DONATE NOW Caritas Lebanon strives for an environmentally sustainable economically inclusive developed world in which all people lead peaceful, just, and dignified lives in harmony and intergenerational solidarity. To achieve our vision we strive for an overall human, social, economic and environmental development. To improve the quality of life of all people in need, we …

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Offre Joie

Volunteer movement to rebuild homes and clean up debris DONATE NOW Website: https://offrejoie.org DONATE NOW

Beit El Baraka

Comprehensive support for families, including fixing damaged homes, food distribution, and medical support DONATE NOW Website: https://www.beitelbaraka.org/

Donner Sang Compter

Blood donations and on-ground crisis relief efforts DONATE NOW DSC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on the principles of empathy, compassion, humility, and sacrifice. We are not politically aligned. We are not religiously affiliated. Our only commitment is to humanity. DSC links patients in need of blood donations and those who are willing to donate. Our name …

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Youth Against Drugs

J.A.D.YOUTH AGAINST DRUGS (JEUNESSE ANTI DROGUE) Website Letter to Rise Lebanon In 1973, J.A.D “Jeunesse Anti drogue” (Youth Against Drugs) was established as a non-profit organization for social welfare, and it has received official recognition from the Lebanese ministry of the interior (number 164). J.A.D is a member of the National association for anti-drug. The …

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